Sydney !! That’s it, jump out from the plane after 32 hours, 2 days. Start the adventure as an Au pair for 3 months.

I was living close to Anzac Parade near Botany St. From there, buses are very often, № 393 – 394 – 395 – 396 – 397 – 399. To rich “Museum Station, Elizabeth St, Stand C”; town center, 40 minutes. 

To go to Maroubra beach, on the buses № 395 – 396 to “Marine Parade near Maroubra beach”; 7 minutes. It’s a great beach, restaurants, shops around it. You can also join a sea side walk to Bondi beach from there ( see the article about Bondi – Coogee, about the same walk ).

Opera House, Harbor bridge & Botanic Garden

The walk to the Opera House, The Harbor Bridge and the Botanic Garden, on the same buses to town center but stop to “Circular Quay, Philip St, Stand C”. You will arrive near quays for the ferries and you can walk on the side of it to arrive in front of the massive structure as called Opera House. It was strange to realize that It is not white but a tan curly architecture.

The Harbor Bridge is huge & very impressive. You could reserve a walk tour in top of it for an expensive amount or just walk along for free !! The walk along the ocean side on the Botanic Garden is beautiful & can be long so don’t do it on a very hot day … as I did 😥 You will see at the end of the curb, the view on the Opera & the Bridge. There, you can do a Selfie or ask one of the hundred Chinese people to take a photo of you !!

Surf Competition in Manly Beach

“The Australian Open of Surfing” on the hot sand of Manly beach was an amazing event to be part of. Go to the Circular Quay with the same buses and then take the ferry to Manly beach. For this event, the beach is full of people watching surfers. Amazing photos to take, freestyle, … take a cover, your swim, cream and especially your camera !! A perfect Sunday to the beach, taking photos with the famous surfers. It’s a complete different experience to enjoy for free with so many Australian around. If you like sports, music and sunny day on the beach, this is for you. Don’t miss it.

Mardi Gras & Carnival

I went to the Gay Pride, Mardi Gras and the Carnival of the Chinese New Year with friends met on Facebook Groups ( best way to meet people quickly ). The event Fair Day from the bus № 370 – 377 to “Camperdown Memorial Rest Park Federation Road” in Newtown. It is a free event & you will find lots of free food, water, flags … Music, color, dance, laugh, take original photos & of course, meet amazing people ! In addition, the event finish late and then we went to the c
arnival. The long wait at the barrier on the cold evening was worth it as the event was full of magic colors, customs. It was also the year goast/sheep.
The lights, the fires trough the night. So many people was there, it is a very nice experience to share with friends.

If you are in Sydney around the end of February, go to this events. Free, warm and beautiful.

An other colorful trip to do is going for a week-end at the Blue Mountains, an adventure much as long walks, dramatic scenery, waterfalls, this crazy view point of the 3 sisters…

Another tips; Who never wanted to walk for 7 hours a day for a week-end trip to the Royal National Park, south of Sydney ? If you want to know everything about how to manage to sleep in a tent without sleeping bag in a rainy cool night. How to fall in a lagoon, be full of black dust & of course all wet, How to realize that the walk is more km that you probably not imagined, How to beg surf rescue guards to drop us to the first train station to go back home.

Gay Pride Parade

Furthermore, another evening, we watched the Gay Pride Parade on the same place, such a great atmosphere, it is a nice place to be respectful, understanding & share with everyone.

If you want to have some fresh air & a nice easy walk with a beautiful view around you; I would advise you to do the Bondi beach to Coogee.If you didn’t have any fresh air from National Park yet, It is a great walk for some hours, following the coast to see beaches, dramatic landscapes … It is an amazing walk track that you can enjoy alone or with people. You will find water stop a bit everywhere on your way. 

Kings Cross, Paddington & Newtown

Around the town center you can discover some districts. First of all, in Kings Cross to see the huge billboard Coca-Cola. From Maroubra beach, you can take the № 394 – 395 – 395 – 396 – 397 – 399 to Oxford St & walk 10 minutes. Seems like at night, the lights can be different, go & enjoy.

On Saturday, you can find the market in Paddington from 10 am to 4 pm. Bus № 380 from Oxford St bus stop in town center. It is a beautiful & various market with paints, art crafts, draw, lights… You definitely want to visit it once. Full of arts works & very nice people around to talk to.

In Newtown, you are going to explore the principal street of divers crazy shops, restaurants. An amazing mix of cultures, modern & respect for each other. You can find it by taking bus № 423 from the center of town.


Pancakes On The Rocks; Most of all, we can’t go in Sydney without going to this place ! The rocks is a restaurant, open 24/24h 7/7j who does PANCAKES sooo delicious & more & more after a dancing night out !! So don’t miss it please while you are around. 

Now that we are talking about night clubs, let’s do it… The top 5 : First of all “Star Bar” on George St, the music is really good, “Hugo’s” on Bayswater Road, you can have plates of pizzas, a huge dance floor, “Side Bar” on Pitt St, “Marquee” on Pirrama Rd, a Casino & “Arq” on Flinders St, it is a gay nightclub.


 Most noteworthy… Every Sunday, you pay once on a transport & all the other transports are free ! This work on buses, trains (Stay on Sydney zone), ferries, subways. So enjoy your Sundays, guys.

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