sa pa valley


From “Hanoi” – 7 pm go in town center at the booking center to wait for the meeting. Day trip – 198 000 VND ( 7,95 euro ).

A man on a motorbike comes to meet us & told us to follow him behind until we stopped to another booking area with people waiting there too. Then we all moved to another & finally walked to the bus. 1 hour late when we move from “Hanoi”.Shoes off in a plastic bag when we get inside the bus & the seat/bed in the bus are like cabins where you lay down. 

 When we get there, they left us sleeping for 1 more hour until they woke us up at 5.40 am. A bit cooler in the morning & a bit sleepy, some women are here to make you pay for some trek. One followed us all the way in town & staid not too far in case we changed our mind. 

There is a lake in the middle of the town & that morning it was really peaceful. A beautiful place to see & walk along.

sa pa valley

After a long while, I decided to take some motorbikes & do a tour around – 60 000 VND ( 2,41 euro ) – Fuel 35 000 VND ( 1,40 euro ). On the road, they ask you to pay a little charge as you are going to visit some rice culture – 75 000 VND ( 3 euro ). One minute on the motorbike & we already stopped as the view was just stunning ! View point of a panoramic of the rice fields.

The color, the landscapes, the people smiling & with typical clothes, the scent .. I felt really in Vietnam. When we stopped to take some photos ; there were always some Vietnamese to come & talk to us. Even if it was not in English & so difficult to understand each other.

The “road” if we can call it like that was just a series of holes big & sometimes huge. Felt like we needed a motorbike 4×4. I am not going to describe the feeling of our butt at the end of the day but i am sure you can picture it. 

We met some little girls on the road as we get lost at that point. There are lots of things to see on the road, the cows & sheep eating in the fields, the people working hard. This place is amazing.

sa pa valley

We went back to the town after long hours driving to have a lunch break to a restaurant where we had some carbonara pasta.. My Gosh, I missed European food – 125 ooo VND ( 5,02 euro ).

Then we went to the Information center to know if there is any roads to go just for a little while before having to head off. We founded a new one & it was just beautiful… Waterfall, crazy truck nearly smashed us on the road when tried to overtake us on a narrow bend.. 

We came back to leave the motorbike & go to our bus for 4 pm.

sa pa valley

A beautiful trip & so cheap you can’t miss this one. A beautiful adventure & felt very proud of driving the motorbike in this country with this crazy people on the road. It was fantastic & I recommended hardly to you to go there. 

It felt more like the real Vietnam to me as a town like “Hanoi”. But everyone is different, so let me know if you had another adventures…

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