Arrived in “Bangkok Airport” & went with a taxi to a backpack hostel ( 500 THB Taxi – 220 THB Hostel ). To be honest, I hated “Bangkok” & decided to go to “Phuket Island” the next day to be a volunteer in a house. 

The website ; “Workaway” It is a website to be a volunteer in many different projects that people need help for. You will have accommodation & food ( sometimes ) in exchange of few hours a day. You can make your profile & visit the countries of your choice & send messages to them to know if you could join them & have your first experience as a workawayer ! It is 29 USD for a year.

25 hours / week – accommodation ; in exchange of painting work, translation, data entry & assigning rights to songs. It was a big house with a tropical garden, pool & beach front. Full use of the kitchen. King size double with en suite bathroom & hot water.

From “Bangkok Dong Mung Airport” to “Phuket Island” with Thai Lion Air – 39,70 Euros ( 1560 THB ) – 2 hours flight. Taxi to go to “Rawai”.


 What to do & see in Phuket ;

Night Market ; Full of people, the scent of food, the Thai music, cooler evening. You will find crazy stuff around like “Rats”, fishes never saw before, some yumi coconut juice, the pork stick are good but I warn you about the meat ball ( rest of everything they find & turn it as a ball ). To get an idea ; 10 pork sticks – 40 THB ( 1 euro ). You can also buy some clothes – I took a Thai trousers. 

Rent a motorbike ; 150 THB ( 4,10 euro ) for a day. 50 THB ( 1,36 euro ) for the full tank of fuel. No comment.

Old Town ; or on a better way Get Lost in the old town. Went with the motorbike & been lost when I started to see signs on the road with no more translation in English !

Big Buddha, Chalong ; Steep road to arrive at the top of a mountain with the white Big Buddha. Bells around it, monk praying, the amazing view of the island. You can donate by buying post cards with the Big Buddha on it or lots of different things.

On the way up, see some place were you can have a ride on elephant… Please, if you respect wild animals, don’t go there. They put a baby elephant in front of the entrance to make you come. This baby is without his mum & chained with 2 meters to move around with people touching him all the day.

Wat Chalong & Phuket Temples ; Huge temples all on a path way where you can go in ( without shoes of course ) & see the beauty of the architectures. You can have a map of all the temples around. If I can give you again a little trick – Put sunscreen everywhere on your body before having a day on a motorbike ! Trust me.

Little lesson of the day – Wat = Temple in Thai.

Rawai Beach & Kara Beach ; A nice little beach with a little market along it & the beauty of turquoise water & the famous canoes. Kara Beach is a surf beach, lots of waves. 

Little lesson number 2 – when something fall from a tree just in front of you when driving & you think it is a branch but the branch move & you realise it is a snake.. Stay Calm.

Phi Phi Island ; 1050 THB ( 28,73 euro ) for a day trip in a boat. 150 THB ( 4,10 euro ) for the taxi Pick up & drop off from your hotel.

First stop – “Yao Yai” island ; very dirty all along the beach & on the island. Just a swing in top of the waves to take photos on – 1 hour. 

Back on the boat to stop to “Khai Nai” island for 2 hours. Full of people, very small island where you can go for some snorkeling in a windy waves ocean. We couldn’t see anything in the water. Lunch – rice & chicken, watermelon & coca. We had some showers but not too bad.

Boat again, Lots of waves, many little stops “Maya Bay Beach” the famous beach from the film “The Beach” surrounded by massive cliffs & white sand. “Loh Samah Bay” like a swimming pool between mountains in water. “Pileh Cove”, “Vicking Cave” stalactite visible in it. And finally, “Phi Phi Island” just for 1 hour. It is beautiful, white sand, mountains, Palmer trees, turquoise water. We went to do some snorkeling & saw some colorful fishes. We had more rain again when we go back to the pier. A long day, not so excited as you don;t have a lot of time in Phi Phi Island but it is nice to see.



If you want to go kayaking around & come back when it is low tied, don’t walk on the sand naked feet to come back to the island. There are giant ray invisible as they are hiding under the sand. A man came with a part of the tail inside his ankle… Believe me, he had lots of pain. 




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