Paris is of course the first destination when tourists travel. France’s capital, is a major European city & a global center for art, fashion, gastronomy & culture.Beyond such landmarks as the Eiffel Tower & the 12th Century, Gothic Notre-Dame Cathedral, the city is know for its cafe culture & designer boutiques along the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

In conclusion, with so much to see & do in Paris, it’s hard to narrow it down to the essentials while still having an experience that’s a good balance of everything the city has to offer. The selection is base on the “crème de la crème” of the city. Some places are well know. To help you plan a long weekend, a longer trip, or even your next few visits.

Eiffel tower The “Eiffel Tower” is to Paris what the “Statue of Liberty” is to New York & what “Big Ben” is to London ; the ultimate civic emblem. French engineer “Gustave Eiffel”, already famous for building viaducts & bridges, spent 2 years working to erect this iconic monument for the “World Exhibition” of 1889. Today it is most breathtaking at night. When every girder is highlight in a sparkling display originally conceive to celebrate the turn of the millennium. The tower does its electric dance for five minutes every hour on the hour until 1 am. It is not difficult to find it but it is in Quai Branly. By elevator, 1st & 2nd levels 11 euro. The top is 17 euro. By stairs, 1st & 2nd levels only 7 euro. But the queue is often very long so take your day for it. 

Montmartre It is hard to not feel as though you are climbing up to heaven when you visit “Sacred Heart Basilica“, the white castle in the sky, perched atop “Montmartre”. It is Place du Parvis-du-Sacré-Coeur & the Basilica is free, the dome is 6 euro. 

Museums ; First of all, Musee d’orsay” contain the world’s largest collection of Impressionist masterpieces by the likes of Cézanne, Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Degas, Gaugin, & many others. It is locate in Rue de la Legion D’Honneur. It is 11 euro & 8.50 euro after 4.30 pm. Except Thursday ; after 6 pm. It is free the first Sunday of every month. 

Also, “Musee Rodin” is one of Paris’s most beautiful museums & contains more than 6,000 of Rodin’s sculptures, including his great masterpieces “The Thinker”, “The Kiss”, “The Burghers of Calais” & “The Gates of Hell”. Located in Rue de Varenne. It is 10 euro the entrance & 4 euro for the gardens only. Free the first Sunday of the month.

Musee Picasso” is an immensely popular museum,home to the world’s largest public collection of Picasso’s inimitable oeuvres. You will find it in Rue de Thorigny. It will cost you 12.50 euro & still free the first Sunday of the month.

The Louvre“, Therefore, the most recognized symbol of Paris is the Tour Eiffel, but the ultimate traveler’s prize is the Louvre. Probably, the world’s greatest art museum & the largest. The 3 most popular pieces here are, of course, the “Mona Lisa”, the “Venus de Milo” & “Winged Victory”. Beyond these “must see”, your best bet is to focus on whatever interests you the most & don’t despair about getting lost, for you are bound to stumble on something memorable. It is located in Palais du Louvre & will cost 15 euro, includes same day entry to “Musée Eugène Delacroix”. It is still free the first Sunday of the month.

Palais Royal Gardens ; These serene formal gardens & elegant shops tucked behind the walls of a 17th Century palace are a delightful haven & one of Paris’s best-kept secrets. Once a royal residence, the hushed arcades & manicured gardens of the “Palais-Royal are now home to world-class perfumers, antiquaires & designer boutiques. At the Place du Palais Royal. Afterwards go & discover the “Jardins des tuileries”.

Also, “Notre-Dame“, Looming above Place du Parvis on the Ile de la Cité, the “Cathédrale de Notre-Dame” is the symobolic heart of Paris & for many, of France itself. Napoléon was crowned here, kings & queens exchanged marriage vows before is altar. There are a few things worth seeing inside the Gothic cathedral, but the real highlights are the exterior architectural details & the unforgettable view of Paris. The Cathedral is free. The towers are 8.50 euro & the crypt 7 euro.

The Market “aux puces” ; Perhaps, it is a world unto itself, the 150-year-old market is the world’s largest & most famous flea market. Within the “Marché aux Puces‘s” labyrinthine alleys & stalls can be found every imaginable curiosity & treasure at a price for every pocketbook. From vintage couture & antique luggage to gilded mirrors & burnished silver, there is truly something for everyone. Even if you don’t love antiques, you will still adore the market’s ambiance, totally unique to Paris. The Village Vintage offers the best of mid Century modern fashions & furnishings. In the 18e arrondissement of Paris.

In Conclusion, Avenue Champs – Elysees ; First of all, make no mistake; the “Champs-Élysées”, while ceding some of its elegance in recent times, remains the most famous avenue in Paris & perhaps, the world. Much as New York’s “Times Square” or London’s “Piccadilly Circus”, it is a mecca for travelers & locals alike. Some Parisians complain that fast-food joints & chain stores have cheapened Avenue des Champs-Élysées. But others are more philosophical, noting that there is something here for everyone. Anchoring the Champs is the “Arc de Triomphe”, Napoléon’s monument to himself. At the other end, the exquisitely restore “Grand Palais” plays host to some of the city’s grandest art exhibitions.



Paris is beautiful & the destination of lovers but it is also the great opportunity if you are lucky to meet some famous people in the streets… 

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