First of all, let’s know where exactly this little “town” ( village ) is. It is located South of Sydney. The train from Sydney city centre from Wyniard. Then it is a succession of 3 trains to finally arrive in Nowra station.

map nowra

Wwoofing in Australia to experience a farm life few weeks. This is the best way to discover the country side of Australia & be useful to the citizens. You can buy the book in Australia to make sure you are going on a good place to be a wwoofer. The book cost you AU$ 70, you will have a number & be able to communicate with all farms that interest you.

You will find all the information you need on this link ; wwoofing in Australia

 We went there as we found a farm family that we could help for a wwoofing experience. The family accepted to receive us for 2 weeks in their house in exchange of some work in the farm ; Eco garden, compost, weed & pruning… They had a young yard, fruit trees & a garden of vegetables. For the animal category ; 1 dog, 1 pony, 2 horses & some chickens. Kids category ; 3 boys completely crazy !!


Walk around the house to see their projects. Start some compost. Nothing better than making sandwiches with hay & poo. Lunch break, relaxing. Afternoon ; weed & plant some garlic. Meet a big lizard with a blue tongue.


Fresh morning to weed the garden, some of the rooted are quit stiff & hard. Then recover the garden with wet leaves. Lunch time. Start again to recover the culture perma. End of the day with some Netflix..


We go to help in an Art gallery… I mean this is what we were thinking we will do but we signed a paper as volunteer to … plug USB on charge. Finally we also help to clean the windows… Back home, lots of wind so we take the option to work in & clean the house.


Recovering the other half of the garden with wet leaves, weed, some compost in the hearth & plant some garlic. Lunch break. Finish to plant the garlic & compost. Dig up a plant of lemons & put them on the plantation. Evening baby sitting. We were thinking we will have a quiet night, no way. The baby screamed a long time & finally get back to sleep. Then it is one of the big boys who stands, turn on the light in their room & pee on his brother asleep !!!!!!! Both started to cry & finally manage to get them back to bed. The parents didn’t answer us of course !


Wake up & go for a bush walk next to “Ben’s river”. Back home for lunch. Then, raking & plant some lemon grass. Evening alone !

DAY 6 – 7

Woke up at 5.15am. Go with the mum to see 2 beaches, then decide that it is not a good day to surf…Finally go close to a cliff & walk along next to the sea. Back home, breakfast & have a long nap. We started our choreography at this point. We have our evening just with the dad. Sunday relax.


 Early morning to tidy up the house & let’s go gardening for a bit. Our routine is establish & we enjoyed. Lunch time for us, then we cut roses & make a pile of the branches. The days go by & the family is grateful for our help in the house. 


Morning routine & spread the ground over cardboard until she comes with a huge machine to do exactly the same but in a more efficient way. Lunch break & then keep going doing the same thing. End of the day, we prepare our self to go to a Pilates class with her. We’ve got our beautiful T-shirt “MEH” to make them all laugh before going. Was a great end of the day.

DAY 10 

Ritual & we put some hay by the top of our work yesterday. We walk around the house with her to know what we can do more ; Plant the strawberries in bigger pot, tear away plants from a side to plant them on a another place & water plants. t started to rain & hails !! Do some few stuff inside the house & then relax. 

DAY 11

Let’s have a compost morning ! Turn the compost & start a new one. Water some pieces of the garden, put some  straw in top of the garlic & mow the lawn. Then talked a lot to her about New Zealand as she is a Kiwi ! We then had a quiet night. Tomorrow will be our day Off so we are going with the family to Jervis Bay…

DAY 12

Lazy morning in bed & prepare everything to go to the bay. 40 mins from their place. First of all, we go to the “Light house ruins” ; An aborigine legend said that nobody came to live their as it was a cursed mountain. There were terrifying stories happen to who went to live there.. The viewpoint is a 180 degree, very windy. On the road to the beach, 2 wallabies crossed our road. We went to “Bristol Point”, a Paradise beach. White sand, turquoise water & dolphins to swim with !! We staid a little time before having to head back. When we get back, we made a wood fire & relax in front of it.

bristol point

DAY 13

A busy day as it s our 2 last days. We went that time in the animals side to spread seeds around a ground bounds. I took some photos for her of the bees side & I tried to be closer to the honeycombed of bees to catch some bringing pollen home. I draw caricatures of them on the wall in the kitchen for a surprise, that make them laugh. Then I say to them that we want to take a photo with them in the garden, she went in the bedroom & spent ages to prepare her self. We finished our choreography, finish to pack our backpack. Give them our present & prepare the Mojito preparation to make a surprise. We spent our last night with them. 


DAY 14

Our last morning around. We get ready & say goodbye to the dog, horses, kids & him as he is going to stay at the farm to work. Saying goodbye is never easy so do it fast & nice.

However, the end of our wwoofing adventure, we learned & experienced amazing things around them. I hope you enjoyed it & follow the link to see how you can also have an amazing experience as a wwoofer !! Next part of our trip, we went to Canberra

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