Promenade des Anglais The famous long walk next to the sea from the Airport to the port of Nice. A beautiful sunny & windy walk to do at any time during the year. You can walk, run, skate boarding, cycling with the “Velo Bleu“, … You can also have a little rest on the “Chaise Bleue” – famous from the “Promenade des Anglais“.

There are many events during the year on this location. The Carnival, the fireworks for the 14th July, exhibitions from artists, music festival, Christmas market… & many more. The stone beach & the “Mer Mediterranee” with a beautiful sunny & blue sky are often the scenery from there. Some activities as Paddle boarding, skydiving, snorkeling, diving, buoy… can be find along the beach.

A very nice walk to discover along it & across it the best & most beautiful Hotels in Nice. You will see the famous “Palais De La Mediterranee”, “Casino”, “Fairmont” & of course, the most beautiful one ; “The Negresco“. It was some few month ago, that you could also go in just to admire the beauty of the inside without being a client. But now they don’t want it anymore – A shame really. So if you can afford it, go for it.


Old town Next to the “Promenade Des Anglais”, across it, you can reach the “Old Town” by its narrow streets to get to the labyrinth of shops, restaurants, galleries.. It is, from my perspective, the most beautiful place to visit in Nice. The old buildings with this yellowish color & the narrow streets with the pavement. The smell of the different culture food in the streets. Get lost in them, find shops with the typical traditional things from Nice.

Much as, on the “Place Rossetti”, during the day, you will find the market. A lot of food & accessories.. & also a lot of people !

The best thing to eat the first time you come in Nice, is to go to the shop with the most longer queue ever done ( easy to find ) & to ask for a plate of “Socca“, the famous recipe of Nice. For the desert, don’t miss the best ice cream in Nice, to “Fenocchio“, where you will find so many flavor that you will not know wish one to take.  

At night, you will discover a new mood from the same streets. Musics, lights, warm feeling. There are often some musical concert. It is even easy from there to get some fresh air & walk a bit more on the “Promenade Des Anglais”. 

In conclusion, little tips ; don’t stay on the “Place Rossetti” next to the “Promenade Des Anglais” where you will find lots of restaurants there. It is very expensive & not a good quality. So get lost in the little streets & find the little traditional restaurant. 


La Coulee Verte This name is from the new little walk in a park with wooden’s games for kids, sculpture from artists & a fountain where everyone can walk between the water jet. Therefore, It is a famous place now to go & chill out for a couple of hours. Some benches are provided & sometimes some music. During the year the decoration change depending the event ; for Christmas there are some new decorations, for the Carnival or some other events..

Before the “La coulee verte” was built, it was an old buses station completely destroyed by the time. Now, everyone can come to enjoy a walk, a lie down, get some rest.. or do the favorite sports in France – Seems like, watching people walking & of course, make some comments.

This walk start from the bottom of the “Museum” to the “Promenade Des Anglais” next to the “Fairmont Hotel”. It is not long to walk it, but if you can, have a moment next to the fountain where you will certainly see some kids playing in it in summer time… & also some tourists getting wet because if selfies too close to the jet !! Haha


Museum ; The “MAMAC” – Musee Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain is the bigger museum in Nice. It is a huge building at the start of the “Coulee Verte” where you will need to go up the stairs to get to the entrance. In front of it, it is the “TNN” – Theater National of Nice where a lot of events are happening.

In the “MAMAC”, the entrance is 4 euro & 2,50 euro for the reduction price. Either, if you come on the 1st or on the 3rd Sunday of the month, it is free. There are 3 levels with a permanent collection & a temporary exhibitions.

In the “TNN”, it is a package for the season at 30 euro. You can download the program on their website. It is a very nice Theater with 2 rooms. A very old architecture & beautifully organised by a young team.

Port of Nice The “port of Nice” is a beautiful one to walk along & while you are there, take the “Pointu” – famous boat of Nice to go across the port to walk on the “Promenade Des Anglais”. It is a free boat from  “Lou Passagin“.

Most of all, take some photos of the “Pointu” along the marina & if you are up to it – a little walk from the port to the next villages are possible to take if you follow the coast. It is a nice walk really close to the sea.

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Finally, enjoy your stay in Nice.

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