Flights with Air France Delta for 10 days in July from “Skyscanner“. We booked an “AirBnB” in the north of Manhattan – Harlem. You can book online a shuttle from/to the airport to/from your hotel or place with “AirLink“. 

Central Park ; We walked 2 hours 30 from North to South of the park. It is a beautiful walk through trees, gardens, bike ways, view on the buildings around us… A massive lake is in the park where you have a panoramic view of the skyline. You can walk it, you can ride a bike, you can ride horses, you can run, do yoga, play tennis in a course in the park … It is huge and fantastic.

5th Avenue ; The famous avenue of massive and expensive shops ! It is a long walk which get you to the south of Manhattan. It is dizzying to be under the skyscrapers. The noise too, when you get out of Central Park and get back to the normal streets, it feels noisy and tiring..

NYC pass ; You can choose how many activities you want to do in the list given. 136 USD per person, we calculated what you could do with 5 activities and if the normal price is more than 25 USD then it is worth it. You save a lot more money and also time. You don’t need to get in line. 

Rockefeller – Top Of The Rock ; You will find a huge queue to get in, don’t take it if you have your pass and get to the smaller one. Then they give you a ticket to get to the 2nd floor where you need to go on another queue to take a lift which stops you at another level where you have to go through with photo shoot and mini film to wait for the next lift – That one is the last one to get to the top ! It is long but worth it. A magical view of all New York, and of course of the Empire State Building. You have to pay for the long view spot and not on the Empire State Building but there are no wire rack around the window glass, so you get a better view. 

Time Square ; The place is stunning and you feel so small under the big screens all around. It is like being in a TV program inside the screen. A walk along the streets is definitely a must do. Try to get out of the noise and the amount of people around you and you can feel like a movie star walking on the street. 

Big Bus Tour ; You can take from Harlem the subway B to 47/50 Rockefeller St – walk to Time Square where you will find a lot of people asking you to take the Big Bus Tour – you can’t miss it. You need to get a ticket first from the office before hop on the bus next to the M&M’s shop.

With the pass, you will get 2 of the tours provided. We used for the “Downtown” one & the “Uptown” one but east side of Central Park. The first one is a very long one – Thanks to the traffic in New York – But a very cool one as you will see a lot of the must do ; like – The Empire State Building, a lot of beautiful architectural buildings, Charging Bull on Wall St, Soho, the High Line, 9/11 Memorial, Chinatown, Broadway & the South Ferry access with a little view from the earth of the Statue of the Liberty… Then on the other one, it is also a tour but shorter where you will see again the Empire State Building and go along Central Park with the Met Museum etc …

We didn’t hop off, we just did both tour on the same day to visit around. It is a pass for the day, we felt it was more useful to do it that way. 

Staten Island ; Subway B to Colombus Circle and take the 1 to the Terminus South Ferry. We went in the morning on a Friday, we were maybe a hundred people, so really not a lot of people. It is a free access on the Ferry to get to the island. From there, you have a panoramic view from the sea side of the town and also, you come close to the Statue of the Liberty… Some people just use this ferry to see it. 

On the island, there were no much to do, we wanted to go to the light house museum but it was closed because of a concert… Still worth to go on the ferry for the ride !

Brooklyn Bridge ; From the South Ferry, you can take the subway 5 to Brooklyn Bridge. It is a 2 hours approximately – depends on how many time you stop to take a photo – in top of the cars to cross to go to Brooklyn. The bridge is beautiful, you can even do it by bikes. Stay on the line for pedestrian as some of the new yorkers ride a bike will not stop if you are in the middle of their lanes ! At the start and the end, the air is not really felt but in the middle it is a nice and cool air guiding you. 

Don’t freak out of how many you are on that bridge and just wait a bit to have no people on your photo !

The walk along the river east is beautiful, you can eat on a terrace there and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Met Museum & Breuer ; Take the subway B to the north – Bronx – Yankees Stadium and then take the 4 to 86th St to go to the Met Museum. Here, you will love to get through all the way up to the desk, without doing the queue to get inside. If you have already been in Le Louvre in Paris, you know you will need to choose which sections you want to see before starting it as it is huge ! We chose to go to the Egypt section, the roman & contemporary. 

Then, we walked to the Met Breuer after having our first baggel of course ! – I recommend to take the salmon one with the cheese sauce ! PERFECT. The museum is on 3 levels & at this time it was about Schiele, Klimt & Picasso – A comparison between old & new.  

Graffiti in Brooklyn ; Subway L to “Montrose Ave”, from there you can walk for 3-4 hours on streets to get to “Jefferson St” and see amazing graffiti on walls, windows … It is a real artistic walk in Brooklyn. Open your eyes & look up as there are Art everywhere…

An amazing place to eat during your walk is “Roberta’s” next to the metro “Morgan Ave”.

Chelsea market ; Subway C to “34th St” to walk to the Chelsea Market. It is a bit expensive for some few stuff but also a lot of creations made by the people. Be just careful of the prices & the good quality of it. We have eaten twice, as it was just so good, at the “Lobster Place” – the lobster is really tasty & serve in a basket that you can eat standing up at a table bar. If you are not really lobster, in the same place, the fish & Chips is just wonderful & so yumi !!

High Line ; Next to the Chelsea market, you can go up the stairs at a corner of the street & catch nearly the start of the walk on the high line. It was an old high line for the tramway. Now it is a beautiful walk between trees, bunches, plants & an overall view of a part of the town.

It goes from “34th St” to “14th St”. Be careful if it is a hot day as there is a part under the sun without shadows so take your bottle of water & drink !!!

Little Italy & Chinatown ; If you take the subway B to “Broadway Lafayette St” you can see the “Little Italy Town” & “Chinatown”. It is a very small street to feel in Italy but it is very funny to have so many flags & people speaking Italian in Manhattan !

Chinatown is not as incredible for me, it is a miniature of “Asia” in a little district. If you want to eat Chinese food,buy some souvenirs or go to a Chinese doctor, then go to visit it.  

Guggenheim ; With the subway 4/5/6 you can stop to “86th St” to walk to the “Guggenheim museum”. “Giacometti” exhibition for the next months & a beautiful architecture which is just wonderful already from the outside. Very nice to be finally in the museum of such a fame !

Coney Island ; Subway B to “Grand St” & take the subway D to “Coney Island”, you will pass on the Broklyn bridge which will allow you to see the Manhattan Bridge across. It is a long trip to get to the south of Brooklyn. A huge sandy beach with a massive attraction park will welcome you. We had eaten at the famous place “Nathan’s” open since 1913 with the famous hot dog… It was not amazing, small hot dog, huge coca cola bottle & very oily food… 

Statue of the Liberty – Cruise ; Go to the “South Ferry Terminal” & walk along the coast to find a little ticket sale for a cruise on a boat with multiple-net instead of the famous & crowded boat which goes around the liberty Island & come back in few minutes. We were maybe a hundred on the boat but with so much space for all that you feel alone. The captain with his crew asked for help to put up the sailboat, they were all very nice & funny. The view is amazing on both side & an amazing time with the wind & the sea..

Neue Gallery ; Take the subway B & 4 from Harlem & stop to “86th St”. Walk a little as you were going to the “Met Museum” & stop at the “Neue Gallery”. We had the pleasure & the luck to see “Klimt” & “Schiele” exhibition. The gallery is on 3 levels & it is very nice to see the Art on such beautiful place. 


The trip in New York has been wonderful & full. There is so much to see & do that you should have a life time to explore all. Here was a little idea of it for a trip of 10 days. 

Distance a wide & the non stop noise of the center is very hard to keep going. It was a release to get back in a peaceful & quiet home in a residential area after long days. 

So choose well your place of rest & enjoy discovering this crazy & wonderful town !


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