Melbourne known as the street art city. From Canberra, we took the bus for 1.20 hours & stopped at “Yass”. Then took the train for 7 hours to stop finally to “Melbourne”. Then we took the tram from the station ( you need to buy a card as we are now in the Victoria Territory : “Myki“. You have a Free zone & after having to pay a bit each time you are going out of the zone). We reserved with a host to be 5 days to his place in couch surfing. This person was not very nice so will definitely not talk about this experience but we couldn’t find another couch surfing around & had to wait 5 days until we have our Camper van. 

First day, we walked around ;

– Victoria Market,

– Melbourne Museum & Royal Exhibition Building ; Where you can find a memorial with poppies at disposition to put on the wall.

– Circle City Tram ; you can enjoy a tour in an old tram,

– The Parliament House,

– Federation Square, It is located with the St Paul Cathedral,

– Art Center Melbourne Tower ; There is an theater act playing on the grass in front of it when we come,

– Bridge Queen ; Metal Structure with old, 

– 2 streets ; “Central Place” & “Degraves street” ; very narrow streets with some graffiti, 


We go back to the apartment after a productive day but a bit disappointed from the configuration of old & new mixed together. I don’t, personally, like what they did with the town architecture.

Next day, we walk 40 minutes to do the “Graffiti Tour Fitroy”. Walking on different streets to discover many Graffiti on walls. Sometimes, it is difficult to find them but we enjoyed the track. You will find the map in any Information Center. In the evening, we go to the “Dockland” & see the bridge by night..

Following by going to “Hosier Lane” ; the magical street of street art Graffiti. It is just full of Graffiti. A wonderful moment for me. We stay a long time to take photos & meet a photographer who is taking photos of people against the wall. Of course, we participated at it. 


We walked 3 hours to join “Saint Kibla” to go to see the colorful beach house.. To let you know, we didn’t expected it to be such a long walk but we made it & met some people who told us that on a dike, you can see some penguins coming back from the ocean under rocks. Good to know, we will probably walk back there before sunset.

When we arrive to the beach, there a lot of people but not completely crowded. The houses are designed differently & it is funny to take photos there. We walked a bit along them & decided to ask someone to give us a lift to the harbor of penguins. We found a french group who accept to let us there. When they realize that we did all of the walk back to town, they are impress & also understand why we give up to walk back.


It is full of people waiting, looking everywhere etc.. We don’t feel very comfortable around all this people too excited to see some around them. To remember before reading the next bit ; there is a HUGE sign at the entrance of the bay saying to don’t be to close, to don’t try to touch them & to don’t use flash camera to take photos of them as that blind & traumatize them. I think, when the first penguin was find around, a mass of people run & be as much close they could to it & I saw 2 – 3 flashes… No Comment. We saw 3 of them, but was so focus to argue with people to stop being so close & trying to have the best photo that we decided to leave earlier that we thought about it. Anyway, Please, if you go, follow the rules even if I think it is certainly no more a place where the penguins come back to rest…

Last day of our trip in Melbourne was about organisation of the next part of it… Picking up our Van for the road trip … 🙂

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