halong bay


From “Hanoi”, the bus trip return to “Halong Bay” & the boat trip for 2 days – 1 550 000 VND ( 62,70 euro ). One of the 7 wonders of the world & so glad that I went there.

Alarm at 6 am to go to the Booking center in town. The bus shuttle was for 3 hours drive, we were maybe 30 people in there. Take a little boat to jump in the bigger one further away from the wharf. A lot of people around us, we wait for a while before going on board.

halong bayhalong bay

We have a room for 3 upstairs next to the terrace & the amazing view from it. Little briefing in the restaurant & then lunch time with the amazing view of the island around us..

First stop for the day was the “Caves” with stalactites & a mood in it with the colorful lights to see the different shapes of the stalactites.. 3 rooms to walk in, just fantastic & so big. We had also the view point on the islands just behind us..

We go around islands to join a little deck at 5 pm for 1 hour where we put our outfit to go to some kayaking around the islands just before sunset & look the sunset from the kayak with the amazing beautiful, unforgettable lights.. Just magical. #

halong bay

We get back to the boat & everyone go for a shower & get ready to have dinner. A big buffet for everyone in the room. Then a quiet & relax moment seating in the deckchair & watching the show of the islands, the lights, the sound of the waves around us..

Then we had 2 hours for free beer & have to finish 20 L of it. I can tell you something, I am not really into beer already but definitely ; the Vietnamese beer is disgusting ! We have load music for a party time & the team in the boat is very funny. After a long night all together, at 2.30 am decided to go to bed & wake up at 5.50 am for the sunrise who never came as it was cloudy. But so calm alone on the terrace, I  enjoyed that moment..

Breakfast at 7 am, & we move to a “Pearl Farm” where Vietnamese are working hard to find them & clean them etc.. 6 or 8 years for a pearl to appear for the biggest one. They show us how they open the shell & take the pearl away. They try to make also reproduction between them – 50 % survive. At the end of the tour, you can buy some pearl around 80 euro for the smallest. 

halong bay

Enjoy the boat ride for the end of the day & watch a last time the beauty of the islands.. 

Unfortunately, we had to complain as we paid for something better than the boat & the program we had. But believe me, I am the one who wants things to be right. Sometimes you have to let it go as it “Vietnam”.

The trip to “Halong Bay” was the most magical thing to do with “Sa Pa Valley” – I was glad we did & you will have so much beautiful memories about it.


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