Au pair experienceI founded a nice family where I was going to be their Au pair for over 1 year. Again, the Au pair experience was really fulfilling. For a great connection with the family, you will have to find the same value as you have in them.

I was living at 30 mins by Tramway to the center in a little hometown very nice. With the mornings free & weekends, I had a lot of time to enjoy my passion & discover Geneva.

I staid for 2 years with the family as I had a great feeling with them, a second family for me.


Geneva I loved this town ! It is flat & beautiful. There are lots to do, depends your hobbies. The old town is the only part steep to walk into with very nice shops, narrows streets, a wonderful view point of Geneva & so on.

The parks are huge & peaceful in town. You will find a giant game of chess into the “Bastion’s garden”, the castle at the park “Eaux-vives” in front of the lake, …

I love the district of “Carouge”, to find the best restaurants & bars to go get a drink into the streets. A particular mood is in this place. “Paquis”, walk into the streets during day time to find old buildings & beautiful scenery.

But at night, it is a completely different place, the bright lights of sex shops & girls on the streets appear suddenly. But definitely, you have to try one of the restaurant in there. Any kind of food you like ( Asian, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, … ). “Plainpalais” for the huge skate park in the middle of the place. Lots of different events happen during the year..

All of this to say, it is a friendly, warm town to discover, explore & share your life into. Winter & summer have a very different impact on the town, & if you wake up early, you will have amazing colors to look out over the lake ..

Don’t await to visit this town, especially for my point of view. 

Formation Photography by correspondence ; My first year as an Au pair gave me the chance to take some classes ; I went with something more simple than normal course in a school, for a corresponding lessons.

The following website ; “Lignes & Formations” is a french school were I followed the formation with lessons & exercises to end with a certificate – “Photographer studio & options retouch Lightroom”. This is one of the multiple options to be studying on the same time than being an Au pair. 

Photographer’s Assistant As I had quite some free time after my formation was done, the next year, I wanted to learn even more about the professional life as a photographer. I decided to just search some photography studio around Geneva & go knock on the door to see if there were any opportunities for me to assist & learn.

I founded a Studio in Carouge & could learn so much to be a photographer’s assistant. Family portraits, children portraits, business company advertises, weddings, … As well to retouch photos in Lightroom or Photoshop.

From there, I started to do some studio photos on my own as a freelance photographer. It went well & had quite a bit of clients who heard about me. It was a great start.. I did more & more but because of the travels, I couldn’t have a current studio & clients. But I still do some photo shooting with who wants to by my “Photography Website“.

Gruyere ; Day trip to “Gruyere” by car – 1 hour 30 from Geneva – with some friends to visit the “Cailler, Chocolate Factory” – 12 CHF ( 11,05 euro ) for adults – 1 hour 50 for the visit with a guide & of course the best ; The chocolate tasting at the end of it. It is also very close to the little village of “Gruyere” where you will find the best Cheese ( of course ) ever ! The little village is very charming with so much to see around. Switzerland have very nice escapades to do. 


Berne ; From Geneva by train is approximately 2 hours for about 45 euro or you can use “Carpool” for 15 euro one way – 2 hours driving depends of traffic of course. It is also a nice way to meet new people & talk with someone for the travel. I did a lot of “Carpool” in “Switzerland”, it works pretty well & it is very cheap compares to the transports. 

I went for some few days & it was snowing but Berne is a nice place to visit with of course the “Federal Palace”, the river “Aare”. The famous “Bear Park” is a “Must Do”.

Lausanne ; Again with “Carpool“, it is 7 euro maximum for 1 hour drive. This town is really nice, the streets very steep, the walk along the lake, the “Olympic Museum”, Cathedral, … You can’t be bored in this kind of town where everything is accessible.

Photography event ; Create some Photo Event in Geneva by the website “OVS“, a very easy way to connect with other people who love photography & to share it. I did many Day trip where people register to it & came for the day – At the end it was always around a drink. I met a lot of people, who are my friends even still now. You can create or participate at any events as you like & it is free. A cool way to meet, share, laugh & feel great !


You will always find event happening around or in Geneva. It is a cultural town. I can count many of them who where just amazing ; Motocross Show, Photography event for 2 days, The piano free a bit everywhere in Geneva where people went to play in the street, The long chair with grass to wait for the tramway, The Music Festival in the park next to the lake Leman… 

There are plenty to do & discover, just go outside & open your eyes.. 

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