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Flight from “Phuket” to “Chiang Mai” with Air Asia – 37,73 euro. 2 hours to get there. Take a taxi to get to the center.

We founded a backpack Hostel very cheap & nice; “Rose Prompunjai” – 100 THB ( 2,70 euro ) per night. We had a dormitory for 4 for the 3 of us. Hot shower just next to our room. 

What to do & see in Chiang Mai ;

Wat Doi Suthep ; drive 15 km – 300 steps to go up. Lots of shops along the road to walk up by feet. A huge gold temple with sculptures of Buddha, walk inside the temple naked feet on the wet floor & leave our shoes with the hundreds of them. A beautiful place to visit.

Wat Suan Dokm – Wat Chedi Luang – Wat Pha Singh & Rang Kun ; Gold temples, go in without shoes, square to walk 3 turn around & walk for happiness & luck… Sculptures, bells… Amazing architectures everywhere. Stop in one in the end of the afternoon to join the chanting with the monks. Beautiful feeling.

chiang mai

Wat Rong Kun – White temple & the black house ; 900 THB ( 24,70 euro ) 7 am departure in a van with 6 other person for 3 hours driving to the black house. Break 30 mins before reaching the Black house at a Hot Springs. A bendy road to get there, 1 hour visiting the place by our self. The black house was made by a strange man who died 2 years ago  & collected dark things. A huge house is the first one & inside a lot of different things ( animals skins, wood sculptures ).. Just need to get there & check it out.

Lunch time next to the white temple – fried chicken & rice.

1 hour at the white temple, Just a huge big “Woah” ! It was a temple built 500 years ago & being buy by the man who give it a new life to it. Why white ? You reincarnate in a white thing so then you can go in peace & be pure. There is also the famous tree often represented inside temples, important who is the enlightenment for Buddhism. Inside the temple, you are not allowed to take photos & for so, I leave the surprise to you to discover !

chiang maichiang mai

The gold temple next to it is the toilet. Yes, the toilet ! Never felt more like a princess than at this moment. You have next to it a museum to buy things very expensive.

The designer was just next to the exit when we went out, & of course, I have the photo with him 🙂

Suan Dok Gate ; The wall making a square around the center of the town. That  was the side of the town at the beginning. Now there is not much of the wall.

Little lesson – “Katonka” = Thank you in Thai.

Chinese Doctor ; “Mungkala Clinic” 9 am to 12.30 pm & 2.30 pm to 7 pm. 200 THB ( 5,50 euro ).

Learn Thai Massage ; 9 am to 2 pm – 800 THB ( 21,95 euro ). We went next to the hotel ; “Jangira Traditional Thai Massage”. You will change for white clothes & clean your feet. They will give you a book where you have all the positions you are going through during the day. They show you on your body first & then you do it to them to practice. You can take some notes on the book as it will be yours at the end. Feet, legs, hands, arms, back & then face / head. You have a break for lunch included. At the end, you will receive your certificate approving that you did 6 hours to learn the Thai massage.

Night Market ; A huge night market where you can find food, clothes, accessories, music, scent of food everywhere.. It a thing to do in Asia, the night market is the best place to see people & see the crazy stuff they sell. Try the street food, but if you are like me, difficult with the spice, don’t trust them about they say when they say : “Not too spicy”.. It means “Very Spicy for us !”

Yoga Lesson ; 7 am to 8 am Yoga session Ashtanga Mysore. Amazing feeling to think about body – breath. 220 THB ( 6 euro ).

Rent a motorbike ; 150 THB ( 4,10 euro ) for the day. 70 THB ( 1,92 euro ) for the fuel.

Doi Inthanon National Park ; motorbike for 75 THB ( 2 euro ) – 2 hours drive to arrive to the National Park. 3 amazing waterfalls, big forest, so green everywhere around us. The drive up to the summit is difficult as it is start to be cooler. After 2 hours driving along & walk in a misty little forest with some Buddhas on the way, we started to go down again. We had some rains during our day. Come back to the shop quit late in the evening. The National Park is 150 THB ( 4,10 euro ). 

Doi Inthanon National Park is the highest point in Chiang Mai.

chiang mai

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