Capital of Australia. An amazing architecture city with a big park & a lake with a wonderful charm. You can walk along in Canberra very easily as everything is close. We came here & had find a Couch surfing for 3 days. Mid May, spring season, just a beautiful timing to see the different colors of trees in the park reflecting on the lake.

He came to pick us up from the train station ( what a wonderful start ! ). We could enjoy also a driving tour around the city with him to show us some few places.. We settled down & relax for the next morning adventure.

After a casual shopping for food, eating our breakfast & take our equipment for the day. The tour of the day ;

– Canberra Gallery,

– Theater in the center,

– The casino,

– Commonwealth Park who is just as magical than any other parks,

– Floriade walk ( but no flowers for us, just ready to plant some new flowers ),

– The Globe Captain Cook Memorial is a beautiful art that we nearly missed if we didn’t look across the lake.

– The Bridge ; along with trees is a wonderful thing to do.

– Our lunch break was next to the Lake Burley Griffin on a rock… 

– National Portrait Gallery ; I was very enthusiastic to come to visit it as it is a lot of photography projects.

– High Court

– Questacon ; we went there, we saw the price ( 32 AU$ ), we left.


We walked back home for 40 minutes in top of the day as the buses are not very cheap in this area ( 4,40 AU$ / day ). Anywhere, the day was productive & really enjoyed it & of course, every places we have been was free !

The Black Mountain is visible from every places in Canberra. I imagine you can have more information about it if you want to go to walk along it.

The look out of Canberra is feasible by foot, in our case we did it with our host the first day by car. 

The next day, we took the bus ticket for the day ( 4,40 AU$ ).

– The War Memorial Australian Wall ; It is a beautiful & peaceful place to see in Canberra. The wall is full of poppies around thousands & thousands of names. 

– Australian Parliament House ; It is exactly at the end of the line architectural. We went in with muffins & bottle of coke without any problems ! It is very interesting to come to see the different rooms where there are conferences etc…

– Train station ; We went there to buy our ticket for the next step of our trip ; Melbourne.

End of the day for us, back to the house & relax.

The next day & last 🙁, we walked back to the park next to the lake to work on our choreography & add a bit more at it. A very funny part of it ; Some people running along the lake pass us & applause us… we couldn’t continue at that moment… You can see it, here.

Last night, we took our host to a bar to offer him a drink but he couldn’t accept the offer without paying us the dinner in exchange !! Whatever… Haha. Very nice to meet him. & of course because it is not enough, he is going to drive us to the bus station to pick up our bus tomorrow morning…

The next morning, little breakfast. A very hard goodbye as it was a wonderful adventure & experience in this city with a very nice host.

Don’t miss the opportunity to go to visit Canberra as it is for me, one of the best city in Australia.

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