blue mountains


Here we go to the Blue Mountains National Park…

A really nice week end off to do, breath deeply & open your eyes. You will never regret your trip in here. A brief article of a week end in Katoomba. But you should know, there is much more to do around there 😉

Before any details about the trip; keep in mind that it is a National Park. Free to visit, enjoy & discover, so please National Park = respect the nature & take your rubbish with you. Seems like there were lot of people before you who enjoyed the view without rubbish & will be more people after you who would love to explore this amazing place without it too. So thank you & enjoy.

Blue mountains

From Sydney Central train station at Eddy Ave, Haymarket. Stop at Katoomba, 2 hours on the train. Don’t miss the famous Three Sisters rock formation with a majestic view on the blue mountains at Echo point Lookout, the Grand Canyon walking track, the beautiful waterfalls, the sunset view point…

KATOOMBABlue mountains

Let’s talk about
our week end with friends. We took the train early on Saturday morning, with our backpacks full of water bottle, food & sun cream. We didn’t book anything. When we arrived at Katoomba, we walked around & found our Backpacker, a dormitory of 6 beds for 25-30 AU$ each. If you are earlier than expected ( Rooms available after cleaned at 2 pm ), you can leave your backpacks in a room with locker.

Finally, we started to look around to discover the different tracks to do & went down a little walk to find a quiet place to have our lunch box. 

You will have a lot of choice to walk. Who wants to see amazing waterfalls, you will be  please to know, there are a lot & all very impressive ( I am one who fall in love with it ).


You’ve got also bush walk, such an amazing place, so green, breath taking & peaceful. Don’t forget to come with good shoes & remember every step : It is wet !!!

You will, of course, reach places with stunning viewpoint of rocks formation as for example; Fossil Rocks… & the Three Sisters, easy to find with signs ( & maybe more by the mass of people going that way ). On a sunny day as we had, you will see this fantastic blue color recovering the mountains. It is just very beautiful. A “Must See” on a “To Do List”.


First of all, we heard about a view point where you will be able to watch the sunset over the mountains. We walked there, a very long & steep walk on road, so not really nice. If you have a car, it is much easier or as we did; ask a car if they could drive you back. I am sure you will find straight away someone who will welcome you to jump in ! The viewpoint doesn’t have a name, it is more a track that you can find on a map. When we went the bush under us was burned by a fire, the view still very pretty from there. Seat on the barrier, be quiet, enjoy to be alone or with few people around & take photos if you would like to 😉

There is not a lot of choice to buy foods / drinks but you will feel at home with other travelers sharing a drink or a talk ( or both ) in the big living room. Time for bed, take it easy with the snore man of your bedroom !! 

Enjoy some more walks & time to go back home.

For us it was on Sunday so the ticket for the train & bus to go home, all will cost AU$ 2.50. This is something I loved in Australia; Sunday is a day to go out & discover places as it is cheaper.

What else ? Probably take a shower & massage your feet !

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