The day before leaving Thailand, I decided to go on my own from “Chiang Mai” to “Ayutthaya”. A mini bus came to pick me up to the Backpack Hotel to go to the bus station & jump in a bigger bus. We have some covers & some food. Try to sleep the most I can – 500 THB ( 13,73 euro ).

At 5 am, the bus driver wake me up to leave me in the middle of nowhere.. Find a taxi – 150 THB ( 4,10 euro ) to go to the center of the town. In a hotel, I find the map ; tour of the temples around the town. I left my big backpack in the hotel – Locker cost 100 THB ( 2,74 euro ). The temples open at 8 am. It was 6.30 am.

– Rent a motorbike ; 100 THB ( 2,74 euro ) for the day. 40 THB ( 1,20 euro ) for the fuel.

You will find temples completely demolished, some in better condition.. The huge Buddha laying down with his head on a lotus flower is amazing to see in real. It is really HUGE.

Walk up at the top of a temple – if you have vertigo like me – Good luck to go down after…

5 hours driving around – At some of the temples, you will be asked to pay a little bit to go in 50 THB ( 1,37 euro ). 


The most amazing thing I saw is the famous Buddha’s head inside a tree. I saw some photo of it, I always felt I wanted to go to see it in real but I didn’t expect to feel that way in front of it… Maybe it is because I came back from the Buddhist Retreat, but I felt so peaceful & a light inside me came from the moment I had my eyes on it until I left to see around the ruins. It is a beautiful magic of the nature. 

Next to the hotel, I left the motorbike for cheaper as it was just half day. Never hesitate to trade with everything, they like to play at it. I took my backpack back & took a mini van to the Airport “Dom Muang” – 60 THB ( 1,64 euro ).

Definitely, go to this amazing town to enjoy a ride & taking photos of crazy ruins..

Breath taking …


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