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The Au pair experience is the best way to discover safely a country. You will be welcome in a family, having a bed, food & laundry straight away. When you don’t know anyone in a new country, is quit nice !! Generally, you will have free time to explore & of course if you need help, the family provide you the best. In exchange of helping with the children, you will have some pocket money in top of that !

So, you are under 40 years old ( or even more than 40 years old really ! ) & want to travel around ? What are you waiting for ?! This is for you; Woman or Man, you will always find the best !

I have experiences as an Au pair, I always went on the fabulous website :  Imagine a place safe for families and Au pair to discuss & find the best for each other.. This is the one. I never have any problem with this website. Write your profile & go to find your perfect family.

Regarding the pocket money; you should decide for yourself what is your target. Be realistic of course ! I recommend to talk to more than 3 families to judge the normal rate. In Australia, I was paid AU$ 200/week, for a normal week ; drop off & pick up at school, dinner, getting ready for bed. 2 children. This is the normal rate I guess.

Next is about fitting in with a family, you should have a pretty good impression of them after messages & a call, but if I can say one thing to help you with this, it’s don’t be afraid to ask questions & talk with them as you are going to living together !!!


1. Always have a Skype call with the family before saying yes 2. Be sure about hours/week, schedule & when do you start/finish 3. Agreed on the wages.

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